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Due to its super-fine micro count, angora rabbit fiber is one of the softest of all animal fibers. It is seven times warmer than other fibers.

We sell only Prime Grade fiber, which means the staple length is at least 3” and the fiber is clean, with no webbing or matting. The wool is harvested cruelty-free, and hand shorn by clipping (not shearing). We generally carry white, beige, light grey, and cinnamon.

The wool sells for $8.00/oz. We ask that you purchase a three-ounce minimum. When e-mailing, please provide the specifics of what you would like to order (i.e., color and amount), shipping address, and confirmation that you have paid (if using Paypal). If you would like to make arrangements for payment other than Paypal, please e-mail the specifics of how you wish to pay.

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Harvest Moon Angoras

For a good shearing tutorial:

Silvertone Angoras

Two time ARBA Winner, Best In Show, 2005 and 2012

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