Rabbit Manure/ Vermicompost

I get really excited about rabbit manure because it is the best manure for organic gardens! It will increase poor soil by improving the soil structure and by improving the life cycle of the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil. Rabbit manure is packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and minerals. It is also loaded with lots of micro-nutrients, and many other beneficial trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper, and cobalt (to name a few). Micro-nutrients (along with other organic matter present in rabbit manure) helps improve soil tithe, drainage, and moisture retention, as well as the friable texture of some soils. Rabbit manure is considered a “cold manure” which means it does not need to be composted before adding to plants, and will not burn your plants when added directly to the garden. Finally, as you can see from the chart below, rabbit manure really shines in its N-P-K values as compared to other farm manures.

Compare Rabbit Manure to Others

good table

 Information From: Colorado State University Extension

How to Use:

Rabbit manure is produced (and sold) two ways at Monte al Mare: in the form of simple, composted manure, and as vermicompost. Please see our “For Sale” page to purchase.

Bunny Berries (Rabbit Manure)

Because rabbit manure is dry, odorless, and in pellet form, it is suitable for direct use in the garden. It is considered a  “cold-manure”, and can be used as a top-dressing or mulch around plants, or worked into the soil directly under transplants. It can be applied any time of the year. It can help give your plants a boost during the growing season, or can act as a storehouse of nutrients when applied in the late fall or winter. The berries are time-released capsule of goodness for your soil. In addition, composted rabbit manure is an excellent compost activator. Adding even a small bucket of this mix every now and then will put your compost in nitrogen heaven, and greatly accelerate the break-down rates.

You will receive one full box, 11 x 81/2 x 51/2 cubic inches of fresh rabbit manure for $25.00. Rabbit manure varies in weight. If it is not dried, or partially dried, it will weigh more than manure that is very dried. This is why we do not sell by weight. Please know that very small bits of fur or wood shaving may be mixed amongst your berries. This is unavoidable!

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At Monte al Mare Farm we have added worm bins directly under each rabbit hutch. The rabbit droppings fall directly into the bins and is composted by red worms. Each month or so we add food scraps from our local restauranteur and each week we mix, aerate, and water the mix.

Vermicompost is presently available only in tea bags to make compost tea. You will receive three 1 ounce bags for $11.95. Loose vermicompost will be available in the future. If you can not live without it now, please email me.

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How To Make Vermicompost Tea

Rabbit manure tea is the colored water that manure has been steeped in. It is full of nutrients making it a concentrated, liquid, organic fertilizer. The nutrients from the manure dissolve easily into the water where it can be added to sprayers, or watering cans. To make the tea, place one tea bag in a 1 to 5 gallon container, fill with tap water and allow to steep for one to three days (allowing the steeping process to occur in the sunshine or other heated area works best). Depending on how much water was used (and the conditions under which the tea was steeped) it may be necessary to dilute the tea until it is about the color of kitchen tea. Use it to dip every new plant before you transplant. You can dip the root balls of trees and shrubs before planting, as well. You can wet furrows before planting, and fill holes with it before planting trees, and shrubs. If doing so, wait until the tea has absorbed into the soil allowing all the nutrients to permeate the surrounding soil. You can continue to use once a week as a fertilizer and throw out your miracle grow!

If you would like to make arrangements for payment other than Paypal, please email the specifics of how you wish to pay.


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